President Jammeh’s AIDS Cure

The president of a small West African country called Gambia announced President Jammeh’s AIDS cure in the year 2007. The cure given takes a day and includes several steps, which involve drinking a gray liquid and rubbing green paste on the skin. President Jammeh announced that the AIDS cure can only be given on Thursdays, and only ten patients can be treated at a time. According to test results given by the office of the president, several weeks after the cure is taken most patients will have no sign of HIV in their body. This cure has not had the same results when others do the testing though. Scientists and labs who have tested patients who were “cured” have determined that HIV is still present is more than two thirds of the patients who received the treatment. Of the one third who did not have detectable viral loads, many had been taking medications like antivirals as well as other treatments before receiving this supposed cure. Key ingredients: A mixture of 7 herbs and prayer Price per month: Three times the cost of the usual antiviral therapy, around $2500 to $3000.

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