Tetrasil (Imusil)

Tetrasil, also known as Imusil, is a fake-AIDS cure that is based on tetrasilver tetroxide, a chemical used to clean pool water. Apparently, people are supposed to believe that because a tiny amount of this highly dangerous chemical kills bacteria and virii in swimming water, that a larger amount will kill infections in humans. Of course, it is well known that it is poisonous to drink rubbing alcohol. Not many people are familiar with tetrasilver tetroxide. This is like saying that because you can use rubbing alcohol to clean a cut or scrape, you should drink it to kill a cold virus. This ‘cure’ is more likely to poison the user than help fight the disease.

Of course, the marketers of Tetrasil, like most proponents of fake cures, can’t have a single explanation for how their cure works. Apparently the more extreme and outrageous the claims the better. So, in addition to the ‘fact’ that tetrasilver tetroxide is used in pool ‘proves’ that it is safe to ingest and will kill infections, these tiny molecules are actually machines that generate electricity and kill the AIDS virus, HIV, by zapping it with electricity. (This claim is straight from the US patent for Tetrasil, by the way. For those who don’t know – you can file a patent for anything, including a time machine that will take you to a non-existent universe. The patent office doesn’t care if the thing works, just if you are copying someone else. So if you ever see anyone waving around a patent as proof that their crazy claim is valid – all it proves it no one else was crazy enough to want to claim the idea.)

It is, however, very very interesting that the patent claims that Tetrasil cures AIDS by electrocuting HIV, since the patent is held by a ‘Dr’. Marvin S. Antelman, the maker of Tetrasil, who claims that HIV has nothing to do with AIDS! Alright ‘Dr.’ Antelman, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Assuming that HIV has nothing to do with AIDS, how do you cure a disease by killing something that is totally unrelated to it?

You can’t. And you can’t cure AIDS without attacking HIV. Which is just one more proof that the so-called doctor doesn’t know what he is talking about and is just out to make a buck. Illogical claims like this can be sold to people if the seller talks fast enough and doesn’t give them time to stop and question the absurdity of it, but a legitimate health professional wants people to ask questions, wants to have problems pointed out so they can be corrected. And a legitimate health worker does not make ridiculous claims that directly contradict his OWN PATENT!

That isn’t the only difference between ‘Dr.’ Antelman and a legitimate health worker. There are quite a few more. Among them, a real researcher wants other people to test their findings, and make sure their medicines work. This is called ‘third party testing’. A researcher wants this for two reasons. First, someone else doing the testing in a different way can make sure they didn’t miss anything in their work. Second, it’s a promise to their customers – ‘I have let my work be examined by other people, who agree that it works and is safe.’ Apparently, ‘Dr.’ Antelman feels neither of these are valid concerns, as the company he keep proclaiming has tested Tetrasil and found it safe and effective, is one that he owns. So basically he is saying ‘I have tested my own invention and proved to myself that it is safe and will work – and you can take my word for it!’

Worse, it isn’t safe, as Antelman’s own reported test results prove. All but one of the people who took part in Antelman’s ‘clinical test’ of Tetrasil developed hepatomegaly or enlarged livers. An enlarged liver only happens when a person has developed a serious medical condition such as liver disease, congestive heart failure or cancer! Of course, ‘Dr’. Antleman insists that none of the test participants were harmed, and that an enlarged liver is not dangerous. No, an enlarged liver doesn’t endanger a person – but the problems that cause it DO! Of course, Antleman couldn’t be bothered to test for further problems that might have led his patients to develop hepatomegaly.

Yet this man, who wants us to take his word, has already contradicted himself about how his so-called ‘cure’ works and claims it is safe while publicly announcing that his test subjects developed medical problems. It’s hard to trust someone who won’t play straight, who contradicts himself, and is not open and aboveboard.

At this time, Tetrasil is banned in Zambia because it has no proven effects for people living with HIV. It is still legal to sell in America (people need to be able to disinfect their pools) but it is illegal to promote it as a treatment or preventative for any disease.

Key ingredients: Tetrasilver tetroxide

Price per month:$45 to $60

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