Colloidal Silver (Toxic)

Colloidal silver treatment for HIV and AIDS involves a liquid suspension, with minuscule silver particles being suspended in water. The suspension is clear, and has no odor or color. This suspension has been claimed to treat many viral infections, bacterial infections, and other health problems. This is supposed to be effective for HIV as well according to believers in this cure. In a laboratory setting this may be true, and the silver will kill HIV in a test tube, but this is not true in the human body. HIV can hide in many places, and colloidal silver can actually be harmful instead of eliminating HIV. Severe and dangerous side effects can occur from regular or repeated uses of this treatment. This can include kidney damage, nerve damage, stomach disorders, headaches, and many other problems. In one case a coma was the result of this treatment, and in the United States it is against the law to claim that this treatment will treat any health problems, including HIV and AIDS.

Key ingredients: Colloidal silver

Price per month: $60 to $120 plus shipping charges

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