Dr. Sebi And Electric Foods

Dr. Sebi, born Alfredo Bowman, is described on his website as having no education except what he learned from direct observation of nature. He is not a medical doctor, and has been twice arrested for practicing medicine without a license. If he has any degree to support the ‘Dr’ in front of his name, his website doesn’t mention it.

The fake doctor’s website has a fairly random assortment of claims masquerading as science that do not actually explain how his treatment is supposed to work. In various places it refers to diseases as being caused by a problem in the mucus membranes, then says disease can be cured by eating ‘electric’ foods, and that natural foods are alkaline and cure disease while inorganic chemicals are acids and cause disease. Of course, Dr. Sebi’s quackery conveniently ignores the fact that many healthy foods and drinks, including orange and grapefruit juice are acids, and organic.

In particular, the so-called Dr. Sebi claims to be able to cure HIV/AIDS with his ‘electric’ foods and alkaline diet. Unfortunately, while the website claims in several places to have scientific studies to back up these claims, no actual information on these studies is given, any facts regarding the treatments, including success rate, ingredients, cost, and how long it takes to be effective are decidedly lacking.

Tellingly, ‘Dr’ Sebi charges people who come to him for treatment of HIV/AIDS twice as much as people with other medical conditions, while providing exactly the same herbal compounds as treatments. He said in an interview on Washinton, D.C.s ‘Eyewitness News’ that the higher price was purely ‘psychological.’

Overall, Sebi’s website has several ScamWatch red flags:

• It uses pseudo-science (scientific sounding phrases that have no scientific basis)

• It makes claims without any evidence

• It has no information on successful treatment, not even patient testimonials

• Its founder has no training or medical experience

• It tries to claim that ‘natural’ is automatically healthy (please consider for a moment that poison ivy is ‘natural’, so is arsenic, deadly nightshade and black mold)

• It claims to be based on scientific studies but provides no information on the studies

• It does not give any information on what is in the treatments

Looking around off of the official website there are several red flags as well. While many people and websites mention Dr. Sebi, there are no people with HIV/AIDS coming forward to say they have used his treatments and were helped by them. Practically every forum post, blog comment or other support talks about how great the treatment is, but the person posting almost never says they have used the treatment, or if they were cured of anything. Regardless of any conspiracy theories about the government suppressing information of a cure or mass media refusing to report it, it is impossible to believe that hundreds of people have been cured by this man and none of them have gone online to any website or forum to tell others about how they were cured.

Anyone who is dealing with HIV/AIDS, whether they are infected themselves, or caring for a loved one who was infected, will understandably want to do anything that might help. “Dr.” Sebi is playing on that desire, and on the fear facing everyone who is dealing with a disease that has no cure.

The website selling Sebi’s program tries to use a little truth – the importance of eating a healthy diet to combatting HIV/AIDS and avoiding secondary infections – to sell a big lie. He tries to say that all a person needs to do to cure themself of anything is eat the right foods. If eating healthy was all it took to cure HIV/AIDS, than why is Sebi trying to get people to buy his snake oil? Because he isn’t trying to help people. He is just trying to make money.

There are real, legitimate complementary and alternative medicines that can help fight against HIV/AIDS. There are doctors and researchers working every day to find a cure, and basing a great deal of their work on the things in CAM that have been proven to help.

Real CAM practitioners work with medical doctors to find the best combination of treatment for each individual. They don’t say ‘everyone is the same and one size fits all’. They don’t attack and dismiss the entire medical profession and all that has been accomplished for people with HIV/AIDS over the last 3 decades.

So-called Dr. Sebi is a fake, and no one should waste their money or time on his quackery.

Key ingredients: Assorted plant extracts

Price per month: Varies, can run hundreds of dollars each month. This treatment is not available in the United States.

For a comprehensive guide to complementary and alternative therapies for HIV and AIDS go to http://www.hivsecrets.com

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  1. the god says:

    if dr sebi is a fake???…why is it that he was aquitted by a Supreme Court in 1988 in the State of New York….when he proved in a court of law that he cured 77 + people of diseases ranging from Aids, diabetes. sickle cell, herpes and blindness??? please explain??? Most american doctors have not done so in the 500 years of practicing medicine??? PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR POSITION???

    • admin says:

      So out of millions of people he only managed to cure 77? And by the way hiv has not been around for 500 years, neither have “western doctors” so I can’t comprehend what you’re trying to say there

      • What I’m saying IS …actually, there was a NEWS Broacast on CBS News & MTV News channels on Dr. Sebi. One of his patients was Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes from the 90′s R&B group TLC..she was diagnosed with HSV Type 2 (Herpes) and Dr Sebi CURED HER…and in the CBS Broadcast..It shows a patient who tested HIV Positive…after being with Dr Sebi for 2 Months…it states the patient was now negative. This patient was diagnosed in a hospital in La Ceiba, Honduras known as “Hospital Vicente D’antoni”….the patients name and hospital were clearly on the testing sheet of paper. his name is “Oswal Zavala”. CBS is a reputable news station and would have researched Dr Sebi’s validity before they would broadcast a story on him if it were not true. THATS WHAT I’M SAYING….MTV is also a reputable news channel and would not have done a story on Dr Sebi if it wasn’t true?? You can copy+paste the Youtube link into your browers and see for yourself. so there you have it…I’ve giving you 2 people (Lisa Lopes & Oswal Zavala). as far as the other 75 people…I cannot provide those individuals names because peoples health is something that is personal, confidential, and private to most individuals. These two people were willing to openly discuss there healing experiences with Dr Sebi. Why dont you contact Dr Sebi himself or his office in Los Angeles, CA and ask for the names of the people he has cured? but obviously you haven’t done so? Dr Sebi was aquitted in a New York State Supreme court in 1988. The doctors in that trail were Dr Victor Herbert & Dr Bannano of the state of New York. Dr Sebi was acquitted of all charges (Practicing medicine without a license, Using products not approved by the FDA, and claiming to cure AIDS and other disease because he uses herbs) and now that he has been acquitted of all charges…he can disseminate this information AS MUCH AS HE PLEASES AND THEY CAN NEVER ARREST HIM AGAIN. HIPPOCRATES the father of MEDICINE says, “Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food.” Doctor today take whats known as the Hippocratic Oath.


  2. The truth says:

    Western medicine as not cure shit and these snake poison medication as killed millions and have cause countless other deadly side effects. These doctors are just a pawn to the real killers the pharmaceutical companies how strange it is that Satan deceive and destroy mankind using the snake as his vessel and it is well known that these pharmaceutical companies are now making medications using these deadly snake venom, poisons to ultimately kill and destroy mankind. Once again medications cures nothing. God the creator as made it very clear that the herbs are the healing of the nations. So who are you or any other human living or dead to question the creator himself. What a mind job, with your so-call knowledge you have become like fools..

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