Ubhejane has the distinction among HIV scams of having gone through one real scientific study. However, this study had nothing to do with HIV. It was a prelimnary test tube study to see if uBhejane might be dangerous. The good news is, this quack cure doesn’t kill cells in a test tube. The bad news: no one knows how it will effect the body, and thre is no evidence it has any effect on HIV. Unfortunately, Zeblon Gwala, the maker of uBhejane, seems to have little interest in the truth. In 2006 they falsely claimed the uBhejane was a fully tested AIDS cure, that would get rid of all traces of HIV with in 6 months. Worse, they told people that uBhejane would only be effective if people stopped taking ARVs. These quacks, not content with getting rich off of people’s misery by promising them a false cure, than tell people they have to stop taking the medicines that are keeping them alive! The scientist who led the team which had tested uBhejane for safety publicly denounced the claims. He is quoted as saying that all he had done was try to determine if it would be possible to do human trials with uBhejane. Further, at the time he believed trials to test whether or not uBhejane could help fight HIV/AIDS would never happen, because the inventor refuses to tell anyone what it is made of! One would hope after getting publically called out on making false claims once, a person would learn something. Unfortunately lying comes very easily to some people. This past summer, the makers of uBhejane were at it again, claiming that their product was register with the government as an approved medical treatment. Which, it wasn’t. The makers did send in a request for registry, but the registration had not been approved before they began publishing articles claiming that uBhejane was a registered HIV/AIDS treatment. Of course, they also neglected to follow the proper procedure for an HIV treatment, seeking to have uBhejane registered as a traditional medicine but ignoring the laws regarding how potential antiviral medications should be handled. The Department of Health in South Africa, and the MCC, which governs traditional medicines, both refuted the claims for uBhejane, stating that it had never been registered, and that the makers had never received the certificate of registry they claimed to have. Ubhejane, far from being the wonder cure it is claimed to be, is a massive fraud. It’s inventor drives around in new cars and lives in a big house, while people are dying because he told them to stop taking life saving medicines. There are no records of the effect uBhejane has on people who take it. Gwala, when asked for information on how many of his patients have shown inproved CD4+ counts and reduced viral loads, told one reporter “I do keep files but there are so many and I don’t know which has these things in it.” Given Gwala’s track record so far, it is likely the files are just another lie, and he hasn’t bothered to keep records of the effect uBhejane has on his patients.It is telling that the records which might prove whether or not uBhejane is helpful are not make public – after all, if Gwala had records showing uBhejane worked, wouldn’t he want to share them? No, uBhejane is, sadly, just another quack cure from a phony savior. Key ingredients: A combination of almost ninety herbs.

Price per month: Between $60 and $90

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