Vitalzym, Also Called Vitalzym X

In the ongoing search for treatments that will help people for HIV/AIDS, one false-hope that has been cropping up of late is called Vitalzym.

Vitalzym is a ‘supplement’ made up of a variety of enzymes. The manufactures of Vitalzym claim that the enzymes in it are crucial to staying healthy, and that by taking it people can restore their body to a balanced state that will keep them healthy and fight off disease. Vitalzym’s manufacturers do not claim their pills will treat HIV/AIDS, but some of Vitalzym’s supporters have made the claim.

According to the makers of Vitalzym, the body gets the enzymes it needs to function from food, but enzymes get destroyed in cooking. This prevents people from getting the enzymes they need to stay healthy. Vitalzyn theoretically provides enzymes to replace what is lost in cooking, so the body can function properly and remain healthy.

Unfortunately for Vitalizym’s proponents, things don’t quite work that way. It is true that the human body uses many enzymes. It is also true that there are enzymes in foods. That’s pretty much where the facts end.

Even if the enzymes in food survived being cooked, they still would not do the body any immediate good. The body does not need to absorb enzymes from food – it makes its own enzymes. The enzymes in food are broken down in the stomach. The body than absorbs the broken down pieces of the enzymes – amino acids – and uses those pieces to make new enzymes and proteins. The makers of Vitalzym know that enzymes are supposed to get broken down in the stomach – they’ve coated the Vitalzym pills with a special seal to make sure they do not dissolve in the stomach. If they didn’t, the enzymes in the pill would just be digested, just like all the enzymes in food.

The official website for Vitalzym claims that this coating lets the enzymes survive the stomach and be absorbed by the intestines – but the intestines aren’t designed to absorb entire enzymes. They are designed to absorb the bits and pieces of enzymes that are left after the stomach is done digesting! There is no way these enzymes could make it into the body the help a person’s health.

Assume for a minute, that Vitalzym did work as it is intended to. How would it affect a person with HIV/AIDS? Would it really be the amazing treatment that some people claim? HIV/AIDS has a huge impact on the way the body functions. It interferes with nutrient absorption, changes the way the metabolism works, even has the body ‘eating’ its own muscles (commonly called ‘wasting’). If Vitalzym worked as intended (and it doesn’t) it still wouldn’t be much help for people with HIV/AIDS, because their bodies system are so out of balance. It could be giving them enzymes their bodies already have too much of, and none of the enzymes they need.

Vitalzym certainly would have no effect on the virus itself. If the enzymes already in the body do not act in any way to combat HIV, and they don’t, than adding more of the same certainly won’t have any benefit.

The makers of Vitalzym do not appear to be trying to run a scam. They have made no claims about Vitalzym treating HIV/AIDS, and focus their website on their products supposed benefits to overall health. Unfortunately, they are ignoring facts about how the body works, which means their treatment will never work as intended.

Fans of Vitalzym who are promoting the pills as a treatment for HIV/AIDS are getting caught up in the myth of a magic bullet. They believe Vitalzym will make people healthier. If it makes people healthy, than it must cure disease. Just taking this simple treatment will solve all health problems everywhere! It’s like magic!

Not so much. While enzymes can be used to treat some medical conditions, they are generally only useful in treating medical conditions caused by a shortage of enzymes. For instance, people who are lactose intolerant can benefit from taking lactase, the enzyme that helps digest the lactose in milk. But there is no one stop, guaranteed cure for everything. No magic bullet that kills all disease.

Vitalzym is a waste of time and money for the vast majority of people taking it, and especially so for people with HIV/AIDS.

Key ingredients: Enzymes, papain

Price per month: $40 to $50

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