Monthly Archives: July 2012


Phase 3 Trials Begin for HIV Prevention Ring

Two trials in Africa are currently recruiting participants for large scale efficacy trials of a way for women to prevent HIV infection. ASPIRE (A Study to Prevent Infection with a Ring for Extended Use) and The Ring Study are testing a vaginal ring with th ART dapivirine. Together the trials...
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HIV and Contraceptives

The World Health Organization recently released updated guidelines on the use of hormonal contraceptives for women with HIV and women whose sexual partners have HIV. These updated guidelines are a response to several studies which have found evidence that some hormonal contraceptives may increase a woman’s risk of being infected,...
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FDA Votes Against Approving Capsaicin for People with HIV

Approximately 1/3 of people with HIV suffer from peripheral neuropathy – medical speak for pain and loss of function due to nerve death. There are several kinds of peripheral neuropathy that people with HIV and AIDS can develop. Most are late-stage symptoms, and one of the best ways to reduce...
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