Olive Oil and Black Currant Cordial: A modern take on snake oil

We at HIV/AIDS Guide have to hand it to the Victorious Pentecostal Assembly of England. Of all the ‘cure’ scams and fake healers we’ve come across, VPA is definitely the boldest and most unashamed snake-oil scammers we have ever come across. Most folks peddling fake cures for HIV/AIDS will use untested herbal concoctions with secret recipes so no one can say for certain what they are using and if it might, possibly, be effective. A few use fake science to claim that a product which kills some kinds of viruses in your pool, will safely kill HIV in your body. But this is first time we’ve learned of someone selling everyday food from the grocery store (for twice the grocery store price) and claiming it can cure HIV (and cancer, and diabetes… really, they do go on and on with their claims).

VPA is currently selling olive oil and black currant cordial, blessed by the pastor, for £14 (retail price: less than £6). Television ads made by VPA are claiming that people who have bought these ‘cures’ from them have been healed of HIV, cancer and infertility. In interviews, the pastor has claimed to have cured people of diabetes and brain tumors. The people running VPA have provided no evidence to support their claims. Their testimonials are not accompanied by any evidence that the people claiming to be cured actually have been cured, they have no studies,not even an explanation on there website of how their fake cure is supposed to work.

And for the record, there is no evidence that either olive oil or blackcurrants (in a cordial or otherwise) have any effect on HIV what so ever.

If you believe in the power of prayer, go to your local parish and ask for a blessing. Don’t waste money and give up helpful medical treatment because of false claims that marked up grocery products will save your life.

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