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Women with Bacterial Vaginosis More Likely to Get and Transmit HIV

Bacterial vaginosis(BV) is the medical term for when the bacteria in a woman’s vagina are out of balance. There are always some bacteria in the vagina, and many help a woman by preventing fungal infections, and providing other benefits. However, sometimes there aren’t enough helpful bacteria, and a large number...
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Tinderbox: Looking at the Origin and Spread of HIV

A tinderbox is a case or pouch holding everything necessary to start a fire. A traditional tinderbox held flint and steel, for creating a spark, and some easily burning tinder for the spark to catch on fire. Once the tinder was burning, it could be used to lay a bigger...
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Truvada as PrEP?

An FDA panel has recently voted to recommend the use of the antiviral drug Truvada as the first medication to prevent HIV or PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis). However there is a great deal of debate about whether or not Truvada will have the benefits its makers promise. Several studies have been...
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