Monthly Archives: May 2012


Tinderbox: Looking at the Origin and Spread of HIV

A tinderbox is a case or pouch holding everything necessary to start a fire. A traditional tinderbox held flint and steel, for creating a spark, and some easily burning tinder for the spark to catch on fire. Once the tinder was burning, it could be used to lay a bigger...
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Clinical Trial for HIV Vaccine Enrolling Participants

Phase 1 trials for a second generation HIV vaccine produced by GeoVax Labs are now recruiting participants in San Francisco, CA, Boston, MA and Rochester, NY. The trial is expected to include 48 people who are HIV negative. This phase 1 trial is intended to test the safety of the...
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FDA Panel Makes Three Recommendations This Month

In the past few weeks, an FDA panel has reviewed and recommended three new tools in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Each one addresses a different and critical stage in combating the epidemic: prevention, testing and treatment. Truvada: Trudava is a combination pill containing two anti-retroviral drugs. Recent studies have shown...
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