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ISHEID 2012 Review

This year ISHEID, the International Symposium on HIV & Emerging Infectious Diseases, was held in Marseille, Franc. It ran from May 23 to 25 and brought together experts from around the world to discuss HIV and other infectious diseases. While not as well know as International AIDS conference which was...
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FDA Votes Against Approving Capsaicin for People with HIV

Approximately 1/3 of people with HIV suffer from peripheral neuropathy – medical speak for pain and loss of function due to nerve death. There are several kinds of peripheral neuropathy that people with HIV and AIDS can develop. Most are late-stage symptoms, and one of the best ways to reduce...
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Free HIV Testing in US Pharmacies

The United States Center for Disease Control is starting a new program to provide free HIV testing through pharmacies across the country. The CDC estimates that 1 in 5 people in the US who are infected with HIV don’t know it. Symptoms of HIV and AIDS can take years to...
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